Information for Caregivers


Thank you for visiting this page, and for making a difference in the life of someone in your care.

In case of emergency please click here for information.

This page provides links to helpful articles about the topics covered on this site, from a caregiver perspective. We hope this helps educate, nurture, and protect those in your care, as well as yourself.

We also encourage you to check out the resources in the directory, as this website is specifically aimed at youth. 


Child and Youth Mental Health
Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Supports in the Nicola Valley
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Community Service Providers
Community Service Providers in the Nicola Valley, including community mental health services
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Emergency Help and Preparation

Crisis Centre Chat - online chat available from noon to 1 am in BC and Yukon

Crisis Centre BC - provides services to youth, adults, and seniors

Factsheet - if someone you care about is thinking about suicide


Non-Emergency Resources

HealthLink BC - Call 811 or visit the website to access free, non-emergency health information for anyone in your family

Moosehide Campaign - a grassroots movement of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Men who are standing up against violence towards women and children

Ending Violence Association of BC (EVABC) - works to coordinate and support the work of victim-serving and other anti-violence programs in British Columbia


Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Healthlink BC - 10 tips regarding youth alcohol and drug use, including information about peer pressure.

5 Lessons for Parents of Substance-Abusing Teens - practical advice for caregivers



Create a MAP (My Anxiety Plan) With Your Child - increase tolerance and encourage healthy coping in a calm and mindful way.

General Home Management Strategies for Anxiety - a comprehensive overview of learning about anxiety and helping those in your care cope and manage.

Anxiety BC - website with a multitude of resources surrounding anxiety

7 Tips for Helping Your Child With Anxiety - things you can do at home to help your child manage anxiety.


Body Image

5 Ways to Prevent Body Image Issues - a healthy body image starts before the teen years; a guide to helping your child develop a healthy body image and also treat others with respect.



Bully-Proof Your Child - article about helping your child deal with bullies, not become a bully themselves, and taking an active role in helping others who are being bullied.



Parenting a Child With Depression - depression and anxiety often go hand in hand; this article gives 9 tips for focussing on being there for your child.


Grief & Loss

How to Help a Grieving Teen - adolescents grieve differently than adults; definitions, and tips on helping your child.



The National Youth Homelessness Survey - understanding youth homelessness; lots of facts and resources for ways to help.

About Youth Homelessness - more facts and numbers, as well as links to more information.



Resource Guide for Parents - become and ally to your LGBTQ2S+ youth with this comprehensive resource guide from PFLAG Vancouver. 

Gender Spectrum - this website offers training for families and educators around gender identity and expression.


Sexual Health

Age-by-Age Guide to Talking to Kids About Sex - a guide from birth to age 18, with additional links for further information about having "the talk" with your kids and helping them develop a healthy relationship to sex.

Childhood Sexual Abuse: A Mental Health Issue - how to recognize sexual abuse and where to turn for help; how adult mental health is affected in the aftermath of childhood sexual abuse.


More Information for Caregivers

How do you stack up as a parent - 11 questions to ask yourself.

Parenting - demands and challenges for parents.

BC Foster Parents - resource page with multiple links.

Healthy Living - family tool kit from Kelty Mental Health.